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In this user-friendly project guide using IKEA Hemnes (solid wood) furniture, you can quickly and easily "build" a TV unit that makes a custom statement, without the custom cost.


This is a beginner-intermediate DIY project (if you know how to make mitered cuts on your miter saw, you can absolutely build this!)


Hiring a cabinet maker would easily cost $7,000-$10,000 for a build of this caliber. Using this plan, you'll only spend ~$1,700 and a few days of your time.


Because of Ikea's wavering inventory, if you find that the white Hemnes pieces aren't available for this build (the "glass door cabinet" and "tv unit"), another color can be purchased and painted - these pieces are solid wood, making them easy to paint. Greater detail on which sizes of pieces to purchase according to your TV size are mentioned in this guide.


Overall dimensions: 12'1" long and 17 1/4" at the deepest part


Please build responsibly! *This download is non-refundable.

DIY TV Unit with IKEA Hemnes (Solid Wood)

  • 3 Days

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