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I took to art and design very young – drawing portraits of people and designing floor plans and house elevations (what 11 year old does that?). Little did I know these two interests would turn into much more as an adult.


I studied graphic design in college and continued to focus on drawing and painting through commissioned artwork. My work was recognized on an international level early on and gave me the confidence to be a full-time artist for the following 12+ years.


During that time as an artist, I knew I needed to share my skillset, so I went back to school to study education and get my licensure to teach art. Over that next decade I worked with students of all ages, customizing instruction to their specific goals and interests, and as a result, evolved as a creative myself.


My love for interior design and architecture uncovered itself when I bought my first home. I started learning to use tools and subsequently transformed my last three houses to better suit my needs and taste.


My art and design knowledge helps me tremendously, and I'm so fortunate that I've now been able to carry my experience into other people's homes through carefully thought-out designs and renovations. If I'm not able to help you directly, I hope my content inspires you to DIY and create a home you love yourself.


Thank you for being here!   -   Kristin



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